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Maile Sundquist is a visual artist, writer, musician and content creator who hopes to inspire people of all ages to live their best life and make their best art.

“I believe the Creator of all gave his creation the ability to create, and that fascinates, humbles, and inspires me.”

Throughout her personal and artistic evolution, Maile has remained true to her faith and philosophies on life and art, keeping integrity, and heart at the center of all she does. A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Maile enjoys local culture, teahouses, hiking, beachcombing, and birding with her husband and son. She is a growth and experience junky who strives to practice gratitude every day. When she gets the chance, she loves rocking the karaoke scene with some dancing for good measure. She is active in her church and community, and is devoted to her friends, family and dreams. A visionary and entrepreneur, her love for The Great Creator, people, life, and nature drives her to create and inspire those around her. She is eternally grateful to God, her ohana, and all those who have supported and encouraged her in the pursuit of her dreams.

In addition to her creative passions, Maile desires to foster wonder, hope, and creativity in the lives of others through her writing, the arts, community outreach, and nature.  She invites you to be a Star, Live BRIGHT, and journey together in her Creative Constellation community here, on her Instagram page, and YouTube channel.

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