I’ve Started a Blog 

Aloha Friends!I’ve started blogging! The website is http://www.soulscribes.com. My hope is that it will become a community to artists and people searching for inspiration, who desire to nurture wonder, creativity, and love in their life and the lives of those around them. I will be blogging primarily on lifestyle and the arts, and will have tid-bits of written and visual inspiration and motivation as well. Eventually I may have vlogs via YouTube to incorporate from time to time. My hope is to have guest bloggers periodically, and eventually, as the community grows, to do in-person meet ups ranging from open mics to helping those in need in the community. Ultimately, I hope to garner enough interest to hold annual retreats and workshops where people can connect, create, inspire, and be inspired. Please visit and follow the website and spread the word! Life is short, so let’s live it well, together. Commune. Create. Wonder. Shine.

Click on the link below to view my first blog post.

First Blog Post

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